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Flat traction rubber outsole that has Anne Klein logo in it. cushioning insole, leather trim detail, Upper panels, Rossow casual slip on skimmer.
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The look is original and unique-it gives a new twist to the summer flip flop. At first I had a hard time keeping the shoe on my foot-it tended to slip if you did not have your foot in all the way but once I got used to it-this shoe is like going barefoot with added cushion!!!! I also liked that this style Croc comes in different colors. It is nice to have a shoe that is sporty and stylish and comfortable all in one!
Wears this shoe: All summer,at work and at play-goes great with my jeans and my shorts and Jean s
I can say enough great things about this shoe. It is comfortable, cute and durable. When the weather is warm, it is the only shoe I wear. I can walk all day in them without a problem. I have a morton's neuroma and these don't give me any trouble. They are better than walking barefoot. I have gotten more compliments when I have worn these shoes. No one can believe they are AnneKlein because they are actually cute. I only wish they came in a navy color combo.
When I first tried the original AnneKlein I was amazed at the comfort. I purchased the sandals when I saw them on someone else. They were little known in my area. I especially wanted them for a trip to Hawaii. I have 3 pair, AnneKlein originals, AnneKlein athens, AnneKlein cleo. I mostly wore the athens & cleos all over Hawaii, even though I had other sandals/shoes with me. To my amazement, AnneKlein are all over Hawaii. I comparison shopped and found that the prices on Shoebuy were great and competitive. I will be buying more for the upcoming warmer seasons. A friend had a pair, she bragged how comfortable they were,and I really liked the style, because they werent so big and they looked more like sandals. so I went online to find myself a pair,and I must agree I love them too!They are so comfortable. I wear them all the time! I loved these shoes so much that I bought two pairs. I garden in them. Shop in them. Walk in them. They are perfect for almost everything. I am now in Iraq and I take showers with them. I highly recommend them.

I ordered these shoes to wear in my house since I have tiled flooring. They are very comfortable and lightweight. Great arch support that my regular slippers don't offer. I also bought a pair for my mother and she loves them too! I love these shoes in Brown and pink and I wanted to get another pair. I ordered the same size I had but these fit different. Too big. I will just get a size smaller but I do find that you sometimes need to try a few on to get one that feels right. Rossow slip on shoes Otherwise great sandals you can really wear with anything! AnneKlein are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. I got these sandals to wear at Disneyworld. I wanted to try them because the parks there are all about walking. Even though I wear AnneKlein I was still surprised at how completely wonderful they were. I have to buy my daughter a pair. I let her try them, she didn`t to give them back! I have bought more expensive sandals but, from now on ,I will only buy these.

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